3 Steps

The tradition of the Modern Mystery School includes 3 fundamental evolutionary steps that a person can take, allowing them to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Step 1: Life Activation

With this amazing healing modality from the Modern Mystery School, your DNA will be awoken and infused with light, filling you with a sense of purpose and new life. Gifts will awaken within you that you may not have known you possessed; your life’s purpose will become clear, and you will be free to live life to the fullest at last!

Step 2: Galactic Activation

Also called the “Adam Kadmon” activation, this incredible process from the Modern Mystery School takes the form of a five-hour workshop, which is followed by a personal activation. In this activation, your Modern Mystery School practitioner will release the structures in your aura that are holding you back, freeing you at last to live in the now, and empowering you to become superhuman – the Adam Kadmon! Through the Modern Mystery School, this new activation gives you the power to live your life the way you want to, manifesting all that you want and need. In today’s confusing, chaotic world, Adam Kadmon will help you find opportunity, create more abundance and find what truly makes you happy.

Step 3: Empower Thyself

You must at some point have wondered how the great dynasties and lineages of the powerful remain, generation after generation – how do they stay so powerful through the ages?

Wonder no longer – the Modern Mystery School can now offer you the same training that they have been receiving for 3000 years.

Are you tired of feeling like you couldn’t impact the world if you tried? Are you sick of lacking the power the make a real change for the better in your life? Then you are ready to reclaim all the power hidden away within you, take control of your life and become the person you were always meant to be. With the guidance of the Modern Mystery School, you can unlock your potential and seize what was always destined to be yours – learn the system studied by the greatest leaders of the last 3000 years and reach your full potential!

What are you waiting for? Contact the Modern Mystery School today and begin the path to a better, happier you – today!

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