Healing Sessions


Life Activation


powerful healing modality that enables you to access your highest potential. This ancient method has inspired people to move past barriers and achieve breakthroughs in their daily lives. It helps you to access that flow of abundance and provide for yourself everything you need in life and more. This healing modality is one of the foundations of human progress and growth. An empowering experience that has helped transform the lives of thousands of people just like you.  Whats holding you back from stepping into your power?

Duration I 90 Minutes

Investment I £250

*Includes a set of high vibrational elixirs to support you on your journey*


Core Release Session


An alternative form of therapy aimed to release the symptoms of past traumatic experiences. The Core Release session will work on reprogramming past emotional and traumatic experiences that have been embedded into the subconscious. It allows the individual to move past these traumatic experiences with a sense of safety and empowerment. The session is a unique and transformative process that acts as a stepping stone to change your internal world.

Duration I 60 minutes

 Investment I £250

Ensofic Reiki Healing

Re-orient your physical, spiritual, and emotional body into alignment. The Ensofic Reiki ™ Healing Method can be used in person or virtually for the client in need.  This session will re-calibrate any imbalances in the body and mind and infuse your being with the highest ray of light, the Ensofic Ray. Providing physical healing, relief from stress, tranquility, and clarity, Ensofic Reiki ™ is unlike any form of reiki done before.

Duration I 60 minutes

Investment I £60

Ready to begin your transformation?

Your journey awaits.

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