Empower Thyself


Operate at a higher level of existence with this transformative 2-Day intensive. Based on the most ancient teachings, this program will equip you with the tools for self-mastery in many areas of your life. Following a set curriculum combining meditation, energetic rituals, and metaphysics, this class will anchor a basic foundation of empowerment in your life.

The knowledge from this course has been used by several visionaries such as Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, King Solomon, and many more. It will enlighten your mind, transforms your way of being.

Duration I  2 Full Days



Spiritual Awakening



Awaken and increase your spiritual capabilities. This comprehensive shamanic journeying class will bring you a deeper connection with your Higher-self.  Enlighten your state of being, access your higher self, and travel to different state dimensions. This full-day class gives you the keys to meditate on a profound level.  Gain access to your intuition and receive clarity.

Duration I 6 hours 

CrystalGeometry Series




A 2 Part Series Class using Sacred Geometry and Crystals.  This class will first equip you with the energetic principles to boost your home, space, or office using sacred symbols. Receive powerful tools to clear, energize, and protect your space. These simple tools can be used every day.


Learn advanced crystal healings and restore peace to the mind-body and spirit. This class will equip you with many crystal teachings including, readings, dreamings, grinding, and healings. These practical tools can be used on others to enhance your existing practice or for your own use!


Duration I 1.5 Days


Ready to begin your transformation?

Your journey awaits.

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