aboutAs a lightworker for all around her, and the planet, Martina Coogan is a Master Teacher, Guide and Healer working in the sacred and ancient lineage of the Modern Mystery School.

Born and raised in Galway, Ireland, on one of the most westerly points of Europe, Martina has always been possessed of a deep wanderlust; a need to travel, see the world in all its glory, and learn as much as possible. Her travels took her across the globe, where she came to settle in the United States. For the next fourteen years, Martina lived in America, where she came into contact with the Modern Mystery School.

As a Psychology graduate, Martina has always had a keen, inquisitive mind, and a thirst to more fully understand humanity, our world, and our purpose in the Universe. This quest for trust and enlightenment made her a perfect student of the Modern Mystery School, with whom she experienced a spiritual journey and transformation so dramatic that she would go on to make it her life’s work.

Through her work across the years, Martina has helped many people to take back control of their lives, to remember who they are and rediscover their purpose in this world. She has tended the fires within many, who had allowed their spirits to burn down low indeed, and built them back up, empowering them to live their lives the way they see fit; more joyful, loving and free than ever before, empowered to strive to live to their fullest potential!

In 2004, Martina left her home in the United States and returned to Ireland, to set up and manage the European Headquarters of the Modern Mystery School. As a Master Teacher in the lineage of Salomon, Martina travels across the world to lead dynamic and exciting workshops, all based around spiritual education and personal empowerment. In communities across Ireland, England, the USA, Canada, Sweden, South Africa, Turkey and the Middle East, Martina has acted as a guide and a beacon of light, empowering and enlightening the spirits of everyone she meets.

With a passion and dedication to the teachings and wisdom of the Modern Mystery School, Martina has dedicated herself to teaching people from all walks of life and all schools of thought, transforming the most complex esoteric wisdom into language which anyone can understand. She will teach students from any background, and nation or any creed, truly free of boundaries and barriers.

With compassion, wit, authenticity and humour, Martina connects effortlessly with all around her. A force for positivity, she leaves those who have been around her with an undeniable feeling of warmth and happiness. Everyone she teaches can sense the unique energy of her presence and her teachings, and always works to provide her students with a true example of what it means to live the teachings she conveys.