Life Activation

Life Activation is a sort of transformation which the Modern Mystery School can guide us through to unlock heights of potential we never knew we had. Formerly known as DNA Activation due to its effect on our divine blueprint, Life Activation is a powerful healing modality which helps you to realise your full potential and complete the journey of personal growth which we are all making. Time-honoured and handed down through the generations, this modality has given people the energy and power they need to get through barriers, live true to their dreams and achieve their goals in their personal, day-to-day lives.

Life Activation, performed in the lineage of the Modern Mystery School, infuses your body with Light, illuminating your spirit and dissolving blocks and issues within. Weaknesses that we may not even know are there can be shored up and strengthened by Life Activation, leaving us stronger, healthier and happier than we were before. It’s the first step we take to realising our full potential in this life!

Often, the depths of our souls are hidden to us. Everything in the darkest spots is hidden – both the good and the bad, and so for us to release the good and treat the bad, we need to shine a light. This is exactly what the Life Activation does, showing you what is within by shining a light into the darkest spots. Once we can see what is within, we can work through it. Life Activation is one of the most empowering experiences which you can do, and it has helped to give better lives and more control to thousands of people just like you!

This healing method is one of the core foundations of growth in our lives and progress through the world!

Accelerate Your Life

Achieve your goals and progress your life with incredible speed thanks to the energy and drive provided by Life Activation. The Modern Mystery School’s Life Activation is proven to boost our ability to learn and grow, both mentally and emotionally, and gives us a new sense of purpose which acts like a compass, pointing us in the right direction down the road of life.

Experience True Abundance

Life Activation makes you more able to access the flow of abundance in the world, ensuring that you have everything you need to live a healthy, happy life. Everything you could ever need is available for you – you just need the tools to access it!

Destroy Blocks and Eliminate Obstacles

The problems in our lives, the issues we carry and the weaknesses we feel can sometimes seem completely insurmountable. We may wonder how we can ever hope to remove the blocks in our way, but with a Life Activation, these problems will be smashed to pieces before our eyes. Blast away everything which is holding you back and become who you’ve always wanted to be!

Improve Your Health

The Life Activation isn’t just a spiritual process – it works in a real, physical sense. By strengthening the immune system and filling your body with energy and light, Life Activation empowers not only your mind and spirit, but your body as well.

Build & Strengthen Your Relationships

In our lives, we will connect with thousands of people. In the constant social barrage, how can we determine who to trust, who to connect with more deeply? Life Activation helps you to build connections to other people in a more positive, mutually beneficial way, helping you to network success from the ground up in your own life!

Expand Your Ability to Shine

Life Activation literally infuses you with Light! With this most valuable, rare resource inside you, you will be able to counter Darkness without even trying, spreading hope, joy and peace to everyone you interact with. This is what the Modern Mystery School calls “Light Work” in its most basic and subtle form – the proliferation and nurturing of Light and Life in everything that we do. Be a source of light in the world!

See the Proof

The picture below was captured using a camera designed specifically for Aura Photography, that is capable of capturing the image of the chakras and aura.  The pictures clearly show the effect of the Life Activation, looking at the before and after shots. Notice how lit up the person became after the Life Activation?



The benefits from this powerful, ancient and truly transformative healing modality are countless – and so pervasive that Life Activation forms the foundational first step for every single student at the Modern Mystery School. Some of the benefits experienced after Life Activation include, but are not limited to:

  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Greater sense of self
  • Greater sense of direction and purpose in life
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved mental faculties
  • More control over your emotions
  • Stronger immune system and faster healing
  • Greatly improved willpower (making old habits easier to break)
  • Clearer thoughts, and a more focused mind
  • Greater ease in creating personal abundance
  • Greater ease in building healthy, happy relationships
  • Becoming physically infused with Light

Adam Kadmon

Adam Kadmon Activation – Become more than just human!

A new millennium has begun, and with it, a new era for humanity starts. In times such as these there is a requirement for modalities and methods which can help humankind ascend into the new age that is beginning. As it is needed, so it has been given – the Hierarchy of Light, composed of God, the Archangels, the Angels, the Masters of Light and the other Beings of Light have joined forces with the Galactic Federation, our space brothers and sisters of Light, to bring to us the Full 24-strand DNA Activation which will transform us into the Adam Kadmon!adamkadmon

Humans on Earth have long sought this incredible power and advancement – even in the time of King Salomon, a period of spiritual discovery and revelation never matched, the wisest understood that the activation he used, revealed again by the Modern Mystery School in the mid-1990’s, was not complete. This activation is the 22-Strand DNA Activation which a number of you may already have received – and while not complete, this activation is still a very powerful and irreplaceable step on the road to Adam Kadmon from the Modern Mystery School – and, eventually, our return to the Garden of Eden!

The Adam Kadmon activation was not revealed to humankind until very recently – remaining concealed to all people before 1998, when it was revealed to Modern Mystery School founder Gudni Gudnason. Since that fateful day, thousands of people have experienced the full Adam Kadmon Activation, and they are beginning to experience the full awakening of their innate divinity – the shifts in their reality that will eventually result in a fully Divine Human state, here in this life!

The end of the humanity that we know and the beginning of the new Age of Spirituality has been foreseen, and time is short – it is vital that we are able to embrace the new energies with which we are presented. The Adam Kadmon activation available from the Modern Mystery School does exactly that – lighting up our DNA to enable us to hold and contain the Light that is pouring in from on high to transform us!

Becoming the Adam Kadmon opens many doors for us, with a huge range of benefits. By embracing the transformation, we are literally becoming superhuman! We will return to the state of divinity and connectedness which we knew in the beginning, according to God’s original glorious creation, realising the Divine Blueprint at last!

What this means for us on an individual, personal level, is the development of new abilities which may seem incredible at first, as we realise our Divine Blueprint fully! These abilities take time to develop – often as long as seven years or longer – as all the cells of the body must replicate under the newly-lit DNA.

These new abilities include, but are not limited to:

Living in the now, instead of clinging to the past and worrying about the future. If we live truly, mindfully in the moment, we have the possibility of living ten lifetimes in the same timeframe as an ordinary person lives only one!

Having much more of your brain power engaged in any one task, giving us much greater consciousness and awareness of the world. This also allows us to live in a true reality, fully conscious and alert, instead of living in a  sub-reality.


Experiencing a huge increase in your innate telepathic abilities, connecting you to all humans across the globe, and empowering you with control of the collective consciousness.

Embracing who you were always meant to be – connecting with the Adamic Seed, and realising your full potential as a Galactic Human. For millennia, prophecies have been written and recorded, both within the Modern Mystery School and in other lineages, about the Adam Kadmon – fulfil these prophecies in your life!

The Gates of Heaven opening up to you. With the Gates always open, you will be in full contact with God and all of the Hierarchy of Light, and through these connections, you will be able to clearly hear the guidance you need to live your best life. The open gates allow the full support and assistance of Heaven to flow to you at all times, providing the help and direction you need to live in full harmony with the Hierarchy of Light.

Complete DNA Activation. This is both a spiritual and physical transformation, lighting up all 24 parts of your DNA Tree!

Complete control of the Four Elements – Water, Earth, Fire and Air. With control of all four of the key elements, you will have the power to manifest whatever you want to bring into existence here in this physical world!

Control over the three essential vehicles of Humanity – the Physical Body, the Soul, and the Spirit. With this power, we can finally unify the three bodies and complete the Great Work laid out for us, creating a better world here on Earth!

Spiritual and physical abundance. With total understanding of Religion and Philosophy as it relates to your new incredible sources of Light, you will experience abundance both in your spirit and in the material world!

Deeper knowledge of the “I AM” – all of us seek knowledge and understanding of who and what we truly are, our purpose here on Earth and our destiny, and the Adam Kadmon activation from the Modern Mystery School can reveal this to us!

The Adam Kadmon Program from the Modern Mystery School is now being offered as a one-day event. It is a “Direct Infusion” program which will involve your input as the subject. By tracing movements and intoning certain Words of Power, you become “harmonically frequenced” and ready to take on the 24-Strand DNA Activation, granted to you by the Modern Mystery School at the end of the program.

This ultimate activation of all your DNA strands will be carried out by the practitioner, either using a highly-charged, purpose-built crystal wand, or, when possible, by walking through a specially-built, extremely powerful “Space Gate”.

Imagine if you held infinite amounts of Light, Energy and Power within you at all times – not just in your spirit, but in your physical body. Is there anything you couldn’t accomplish? This is the ultimate gift given to us by God – and by our own spirits! Embrace it, and become who you were always meant to be! Become the Adam Kadmon on Earth!