What is the Modern Mystery School?

Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School is an internationally-known mystery school, dedicated to spreading light and understanding throughout the human race. With a traceable lineage that extends back to the days of King Salomon, 3000 years ago.

Founded on knowledge passed down to its creators before the time of Salomon, who would go on to appear across the world’s faiths as a pinnacle of wisdom, the teachings of the Modern Mystery School were passed down from master to apprentice in secret for millennia.

Guarded against a world that wasn’t ready to receive them, revealed only to the most exceptional individuals, the Mystery School waited, until at last, like a seed that waits for spring to come before sprouting, the time was right for them to emerge from the shadows and begin their public work. Their long period of preparation while the seasons change has come to an end. The world is finally ready to receive the incredible lineage of the Modern Mystery School.

With the world poised to enter a new age, the time is right for all people to live together in fulfilment and harmony – this is the mission of the Modern Mystery School, and the reason that they have emerged after so long in hiding.

The Cornerstone of the Modern Mystery School’s Teachings – “Know Thyself”

The crux of the Modern Mystery School’s work is the ancient maxim “Know Thyself.” Carved above the door of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, where the all-seeing Oracle was found, this mantra is also carved above the doors of every Mystery School. If you know yourself, the foundations will be strong for the rest of your understanding to follow suit.

Our divinity is encoded within each of us, embedded deep in the very fibres of our being – if we can only know ourselves, we can find the all the answers we could ever need!

Modern Mystery School

What sets the Modern Mystery School apart from the New Age Movement?

Many competing spiritual and esoteric belief systems have come into the public sphere since the 1960’s, with a huge range of schools and disciplines to choose from, but none can match the traceable lineage of the Modern Mystery School. Without a doubt, there are many lessons in these schools which may be as old, but without the solid historical lineage, it is impossible to say with any certainty what is true and what is not.

The other thing that the Modern Mystery School can offer that the other disciplines cannot is initiation – the ability not only to teach, but to authorise and empower.

The initiation is one of movement from normalcy into new life; anointing and awakening you, providing the authority to actually use your new power for your own good and the good of everyone you meet! Without it, you will have the skills and knowledge, but the mandate from above will be lacking – like an expert computer programmer who no longer has the licence to use his software and tools. While he still holds the expertise, the actual means to realise his gifts are not available to him. However, after initiation, the authority to use this gifts is bestowed, and you can realise your full potential!

What is the Modern Mystery School?

What can the Modern Mystery School do for me?

The Modern Mystery School doesn’t just deal with The Big Questions – they work to help you across all aspects of your own life too! The lessons learned with the Modern Mystery School are there to assist you in living the best life you possibly can, in abundance and harmony. With the Modern Mystery School, you’ll be able to overcome the things holding you back, breaking free to become the version of you that you’ve always wanted to be!

For more information, get in touch with the Modern Mystery School today on their phone number, +44 (0)207 183 7880, or visit their website. The spiritual guides there will be happy to help you find the answers you seek, and take your first steps on the road to a happier, healthier, more fulfilled you! What are you waiting for? Contact the Modern Mystery School today!