Your Life 


Are you interested in creating a life that you love? Do you seek inner peace and joy? If you have found yourself wanting more out of life,  I am here to guide you…


My name is Martina Coogan and I have been working internationally for the past 20 years to lead a richer life.  Working with me, I can grant you the tools to have less stress and anxiety and more balance in your life.


I offer tailored and specific sessions based on your needs. The benefits include a stronger and positive mindset, inner peace, and fulfillment. These practical tools can be used in everyday life to ensure success in all areas of your life.

3 Steps to Inner Peace & Joy

Life Activation

This specialized healing modality will awaken you with a sense of purpose and new life. Abundance, manifestation, clarity and latent talents within you that you may not have known you possessed will restore; and you will be free to live life to the fullest at last!


Foundational Training

This  2 day intensive once reserved for  elite members of society.  Overcome energetic, physical, mental and emotional challenges with the knowledge and tools from this course.  Create a strong foundation for your life and transform from the inside out.  This class is for those who are ready to reach their fullest potential


Galactic Activation

Create lasting positive changes for good. This 2 day intensive course works with our spiritual essence, and rids us from past traumas, emotions, and negative mindsets. Accelerate the healing process and develop multi-dimensional awareness. Live your life from a heightened vibrational state. This class will unify the mind, body, and spirit.


Success Stories

“The Love Activation was such a beautiful nurturing experience! I felt very safe and cared for.

Since the activation my awareness of self love has greatly improved, and I am able to express more freely what is right and true for me.”

Annie, Cannes, France


“Martina created a safe place where I was guided into depths of myself I didn’t know existed. If you want to deal with core issues that have been holding you back and stopping you create the life that you want, I would highly recommend Martina. This was a very deep and profound healing experience.”
Hayley, London, UK

Fitness Instructor

“Thank you!
Im speechless….
This was amazing. What you have thougt me, in the last few off meditations and classes, is more than i ever could image i could know bout me, energy and spiret…
Froom the bottom of My heart THANK YOU ”
Jack Munkholm

London, UK

“I felt much lighter after the session and knew that significant shifts had occurred. Even now, I look at those past events in a completely different light.  I observe them without feeling as much emotional attachment as I previously did. I can’t recommend Martina highly enough.

Liesl, South Africa


Thank you so much for an amazing healing!!!! I cannot express my gratitude. I am feeling sooo much better – I was able to get up the next morning and know what to do to get to the airport – sounds simple but a huge improvement. 

Kathleen, London


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